To register with Medical Council of Malawi, the following steps are required:
1. Obtain a registration form from the Council or on the web. Fill it and send it together with copies of professional certificates and a non-refundable application fee as stipulated in Fees and Licences.
2.On receipt of the application form and application fees, the Council scrutinizes the professional qualifications to determine the register in which to enter the applicant. Upon production of valid documents to support registration, applicants may be registered in the following registers depending on one's professional calling:

3.For applications involving people trained outside Malawi, the Council requires evidence that the qualification was recognized for registration in the country of issue. In addition for professionals who obtained their qualifications abroad and are entering Malawi for the first time to practice medicine, the Council demands proof of evidence that the applicant was registered in the country he/she was immediately before coming to Malawi. In addition for countries that issue Certificate of Goodstanding, the Council demands evidence of this document as a clearance.

4.Once all the above is in order, the application is processed and a certificate is issued accordingly. Foreigners are required to take residency in Malawi within a period of six months once they are registered with Medical Council.
It may happen that the applicant did not demonstrate that she/he acquired enough training to deal with local disease conditions. The Council requires such applicants to be placed on orientation at an approved hospital for a specified period during which the applicant's performance is monitored and reported to the Council by peers.
Some people have questioned the need to register with the Medical Council of Malawi. The answer is as follows:
Registration is a legal requirement according to the Medical Practitioners and Dentists Act (Cap 36:01, Laws of Malawi). It is illegal and punishable by law for one to engage in medical practice without registering with Medical Council of Malawi. The law requires every medical practitioner to register with Medical Council as an indication that the Council vouches that practitioners have the required qualifications and experience for their calling. Thus the Council is issuing a statement to the effect that a medical professional is qualified and competent to practice medicine.

To the medical practitioners, registration confers to them legal status. They are legally empowered to treat patients and in return demand a fee or salary for services rendered. Registration also offers protection to the medical practitioner. The Council will stand by a practitioner who is being maliciously molested.

Another value of registration involves clearance of a practitioner. If a medical practitioner intends to work or train abroad, most if not all countries require clearance from the respective regulatory body in a form of Certificate of Goodstanding. This document can only be issued by the Council and it is issued to registered people with a good record. In most cases Certificate of Goodstanding issued by the Council supercedes Curriculum Vitae.

Registration with the Council also confers upon the medical practitioner reciprocal recognition in some countries. What this means is that if you are registered in Medical Council books, you will automatically be considered for registration in countries that are members of the Association of Medical Councils in Southern Africa. Currently the following are members: South Africa, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Lesotho, Mauritius, Seychelles, Madagascar, Swaziland, Kenya, Zambia, Namibia and Uganda.

Registration also ensures no hassles when one wants to establish a private practice. If one continuously maintains one's name on Medical Council registers, it becomes easy when one applies for private practice licence. The Council would normally refuse to grant a private practice licence to a person who never maintained his or her name on any of the registers kept by the Council.