Protecting the general public and guiding the medical profession

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The overall objective of the Council is to set and maintain standards of health care in relation to premises, equipment and supplies as well as the qualifications and credentials of personnel employed at health establishments including their behaviour and conduct towards patients and clients.


Improve health

To assist in the promotion and improvement of the health of the population of Malawi

Control and exercise authority

To control and exercise authority effecting the training of persons in, and the performance of the practices pursued in connection with the diagnosis, treatment or prevention of physical or mental defects, illness or deficiencies in human beings

Advise ministry of Health

Advise the Minister of Health and information acquired by the Council relating to matters of public health

Disciplinary control over the professional conduct

To exercise disciplinary control over the professional conduct of all persons registered under the Medical Practitioners and Dentists Act and practicing in Malawi

Promote liaison

To promote liaison in the field of medical training both in Malawi and elsewhere, and to promote the standards of such training in Malawi.